Quapath Services for Schools and Education

Qualpath Services for Schools & Education

Education is facing increasing challenges on many fronts: How to support teaching staff so they can focus on their core functions? Are resources being used responsibly? How can costs be cut and confidential information be secured without sacrificing the quality of the educational outputs and results?
Teacher Testing Efficiency

Our “Teaching Assistant” is an affordable test creation, grading and analysis solution designed to streamline classroom workflow and boost student achievement.

Teaching Assistant helps prepare students to meet state-mandated goals. Beyond the K-12 classroom, Teaching Assistant is a valuable tool for organizations conducting training programs. The application requires standard paper to generate bubble sheets, and can instantly create, print, scan and score each multiple-choice test. In addition, Teaching Assistant will prepare analytical and graphical reports, with an option to print, e-mail or save the results to a USB flash drive, reducing paper, toner and energy consumption.

Qualpath Teaching Assistant
Cost Control

Managed Print Services in the Educational Environment brings cost management without decreasing productivity.

Is your staff printing too many pages without thought to the costs of toner, ink and paper? With QualPath’s green printing software you can lower costs without impacting productivity. Job routing, Reporting and Departmental Cost Accounting are all part of the services we offer.

Too much sourcing of toners and IT Staff involved in print fleet support? Lower your internal administrative and IT burdens by outsourcing the management of your print fleet at a lower spend.

Document Services

Our Document Services for Education include solutions to digitize, index and merge documents for admissions, financial aid and registration into your student information system.

We offer solutions that integrate student ID cards with printers and multifunctional devices to control and capture costs.

Environmentally Conscious Solutions

Our Managed Print Services Solutions do more than control costs and relieve burdens—they promote sustainability by lowering your educational institution’s carbon footprint. Through paper reduction initiatives, environmentally sound disposal of toners and drums (see www.qualpath.com/green) and energy-reducing initiatives we not only help you operate more responsibly with the environment but save money through paper and energy expenditure reductions.

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