Qualpath Services for Healthcare

The unwavering goal of the healthcare community is to care for people. However—21st century obstacles such as inaccessible data, inefficient processes, disruptive technology, regulatory mandates, rising costs and challenging economics threaten to undermine the work of healthcare organizations.

You need to deal with two businesses in one: taking care of people, while taking care of the bottom line. We can help you accomplish both.

Hospitals, physicians, and other providers conduct the business of medicine in a more efficient manner by managing the healthcare data and documents that inform everything they do. Benefiting from our healthcare industry expertise, scale, technology and innovations, providers can devote their time and resources to quality of care. The results: improved access to patient data, tighter regulatory compliance, greater operational efficiency, reduced administrative costs, and better treatment overall.

Cost Complexities and Reforms Increase

Manage hospital operations, track patient care, and simplify caregiver workflow so you can improve patient outcomes.

Lower Costs, Increase Efficiency

See how Qualpath Managed Print Services can get your organization back to doing what it does best.

Healthcare organizations know that preventative care reduces costs and extends lives of patients – the same is true with your organization’s printer fleet. Did you know the average healthcare organization consumes up to 8.56% of annual revenues on printing?

Help Make a Difference

We accept all print cartridges from all manufacturers for reuse or recycle. With the help of our strategic partners we are pleased to offer our customers a new, robust, comprehensive environmentally responsible way to recycle used ink and toner cartridges. For more information feel free to contact us at 866-851-2200 or email us at info@qualpath.com.