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Qualpath provides high quality supplies for copiers and printers in both OEM and compatible styles—all complete with a guarantee of quality and performance.
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We offer supplies for Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Samsung, Brother, Dell, Muratec, Ricoh, Canon, Panasonic, IBM and Epson. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see your brand listed—North America has over 3,000 different makes and models of printers—too many to list here. So if you would like a quote, click on the request link below and provide us with your information—we will respond promptly.

Free printer service for life with Xerox eConcierge
Burned out on ordering toner after toner after toner with no end in sight?

Our free Xerox eConcierge program is easy to install and use—it allows you to order supplies for all of your eligible equipment (Xerox, HP, Samsung, Lexmark, Brother) just a few clicks away. As long as you continue ordering supplies through Xerox eConcierge, we’ll provide free service coverage for the life of your Xerox hardware.

How it Works
eConcierge finds your connected printers, and you choose which printers to monitor and can nickname them for tracking. The program runs in the background on your computer and notifies you when a specific printer’s supplies are low. It will create an order for you to approve in just a few clicks with all the printer supplies you need.
How to Get Free Service

Have eConcierge installed for at least 30 days, and make at least two supply purchases per printer to extend their coverage. Coverage for each printer lasts as long as you continue to order supplies through eConcierge. For a list of service supported printers, click on the button below.

Environmental Issue to Note

Do you know that it requires three quarts of oil to produce one toner cartridge? On average, it takes over a 1,000 years for a toner cartridge to biodegrade in a landfill. Whether you procure your toner cartridges from us or not—take advantage of our free environmentally-sound disposal and recycling service.